Dear Parents/Guardians,

Summer Assessments 

As outlined in our update last week, a formal exam timetable has been constructed for 2nd  Year and 5th Year students. Please click on the following link to view: 

Summer Tests Timetable 2021

Assessments for 2nd & 5th Years will commence on Friday 21 May. 1st Year Assessments begin next Tuesday 18 May. A reminder to parents that an Assessment Chart has been placed in every 1st Year classroom and teachers have been asked to enter the time of their proposed assessment(s). This will ensure that 1st Year students are not over loaded with assessments on any given day.  4th Year Summer Assessments are also classroom based. Additional assessments for 6th Years have now been completed while the third and final additional Assessment opportunity for 3rd Years will take place next week.

Parents are again asked to note that school will finish for all students on Friday 28 May 2021.

6th Year Students

The Senior Management Team met with 6th Years students this morning. Students were reminded that they must attend all their timetabled classes even if they have opted for Accredited Grades. Students were also informed that classes will continue up to 28 May and students must attend full time. It was made clear that any student attempting to selectively attend classes will be instructed to work from home. Students were also informed that a graduation ceremony will not be held for 6th Years. Please click on the link to view the direction schools received from the DES yesterday on graduation ceremonies.

Cork City Women’s Soccer

A big congratulations to transition year student Chloe Atkinson (R. Padraig) with her recent success of signing for Cork City U17 women’s team. Chloe has been part of the Cork City soccer academy for 2 years and has been playing with Wilton FC previous to this big move. We wish her every success in her journey. Well done Chloe!

Chloe Atkinson, Transition Year


2nd Year Student Designs Book Cover for World Renowned Publisher

One of our 2nd year students Aisling O’Sullivan in rang Fionnain has had a very eventful year.  Aisling was emailed by Olympia Publishers a book publisher based in London. They had seen her work in an online art competition and asked Aisling if she would be interested in submitting a potential design for a book. Aisling got to sit in the room with the author and professional illustrators in Cork and Dublin.  They brainstormed and came up with possible ideas for the book cover. During lockdown they communicated online. The experience and learning involved in these sessions are immeasurable. The publisher picked Aisling’s design over all. The author was delighted as he was open to exploring different artists and different styles.

Aisling’s design has a beautiful colour palate. The 21 pieces of jigsaw on the heart correlates to the 21 chapters about love in the book. In fact Postel changed the title of his book to Twenty One Heartbeats after seeing Aisling’s design. The lockdown slowed everything down but the author kept in touch with Aisling and asked her to complete some sketches on the side. She created a mood board with a colour scheme. The author gave Aisling great freedom and liberty to create further illustrations which are now on the pages in the book.

Twenty One Heartbeats has been published in numerous different languages, so Aisling’s work will be seen in many countries all over the world. Aisling says she never thought of a career in Art but now after this wonderful experience, Aisling can see the definite possibility of becoming an Illustrator. However this experience evolves for Aisling, there is no doubt that her talent and work ethic will stand to her in everything she does. We are so proud of Aisling and she is an inspiration to all our Art students in GCC. ( Ms. S. Kiely)

Book Cover Design by 2nd year student Aisling O’Sullivan (Rang Fionnain)


Covid 19

Parents were informed on Wednesday afternoon of a positive Covid case in the school. We thank staff, students and parents for their excellent levels of compliance with our Covid protocols to this point and we ask for your support in making one final concerted effort during these last 2 weeks to ensure all in our school community remain safe.

Have a nice weekend.


GCC Senior Management

Ronan McCarthy (Principal)

Gertie Cahill (Deputy Principal)

Seamus Kennefick (Deputy Principal)

Sean McGrath (Deputy Principal)