Junior Cycle Education

The following subjects are offered at Junior Cycle:

Compulsory Exam Subjects:
  • Irish
  • English
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Modern Foreign languages
Compulsory Non Exam Subjects:
  •   Religious Education* 
  • Information Technology
  • Well Being  (Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E) ,Physical Education,  Civic Social Political Education (C.S.P.E),  My Brain & Me)

* Students who do not study Religious Education with be offered Ethics in its place. 


Choice of Subjects for Junior Cycle students:
  • Home Economics
  • Wood Technology
  • Engineering
  • Applied Technology
  • Graphics
  • Visual Art
  • Business Studies
  • Music
  • Spanish
Differences Between Junior Cycle & Junior Certificate

All First Year classes are mixed ability classes. An element of streaming is introduced in Irish, English and Mathematics in Second Year and Third Year. For all other subjects mixed ability classes pertain.


Junior Cycle Framework

The breakdown
  • the Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) gives schools greater flexibility to design programmes that are suited to the needs of their junior cycle students
  • provide students with learning opportunities that achieve a balance between learning subject knowledge and developing a wide range of skills and thinking abilities
  • curriculum and assessment arrangements will promote a focus on active and collaborative learning.
  • enabled to use and analyse information in new and creative ways, to investigate issues, to explore, to think for themselves, to be creative in solving problems and to apply their learning to new challenges and situations
  • dual approach to assessment – recognise and value the different types of learning
  • each subject, two structured Classroom-Based Assessments will be introduced which will contribute to and build on the use of formative assessment in the classroom
  • more inclusive for parents – helping them paint a better picture of their child’s learning using summative and formative assessment
  • recognises the importance of professional development and collaboration between teachers for informing their understanding of teaching, learning and assessment and their practice in the classroom
  • Subject Learning and Assessment Review meetings where they will share and discuss samples of their assessments of students’ work and build a common understanding about the quality of students’ learning
  • Short courses and emphasis on well-being – linking with guidance and pastoral care
  • PLU = priority learning unit
    • Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) designed for a small number of students with particular special educational needs. L2LPs are suited to students with general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories.

Assessment Breakdown 

  • Junior cycle education follows a dual assessment approach
  • Maths, English and Irish are offered at higher and ordinary level
  • All other subjects are common level
  • Students complete a maximum of two classroom based assessments in most subjects, completed between year 2 and year 3 of junior cycle
  • Some subjects will offer an assessment task worth between 10-50% of the overall junior cycle exam.

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