Discover Your Learning Style

Each person has different learning preferences and styles that benefit them. Some may find they even have a dominant learning style; others that they prefer different learning styles in different circumstances. There is no right or wrong answer to which learning style is best for you – or mix of learning styles. However, by discovering and better understanding your own learning styles, you can employ techniques that will improve the rate and quality of your learning.

There are seven key learning styles. These include:

  • Visual (spacial) – learning through imagery and spacial understanding
  • Aural (auditory) – learning through listening, sound, and music
  • Verbal (linguistic) – learning through speech and writing
  • Physical (kinesthetic) – learning through hands-on, tactile interaction
  • Logical (mathematical) – learning through logic, reasoning and systems
  • Social (interpersonal) – preference for learning in groups or working with other people
  • Solitary (intrapersonal) – preference for learning alone via self-study
Study skills in Glanmire Community College

Teaching and learning is at the heartbeat of our school community. Supports and exemplars are available to students. Year heads provide study skill workshops for students; exam classes have access to a wide range of supports and constantly engage in rich conversation regarding their learning and first year students are offered the opportunity to attend homework club. Our guidance team also provide students with an opportunity to identify discuss and refine their study skills on a one to one basis during their allocated time slots.

Study Skills tips…

Select a topic:

Getting Organised
Get you and your study space organised, creating the best circumstances and the best frame of mind in which to learn.

The ‘Pep-talk’
Psyche yourself up to get the best out of your study session. Motivate yourself to both start and complete the task.

Time for you!
Get your life back – work out a timetable for yourself and you’ll be able to fit in study around the rest of your life.

Read for Success
Reading to learn is very different from reading for entertainment. Learn how to filter the important information and remember it.

Listen to Learn
Learn how to listen actively to take in important information.

Notable Notes
Reduce the amount of material you need to learn by taking notable notes. Notes will help you break down information, organise it and have something manageable to revise.

Memory Tricks
Learn some handy memory tricks, how to memorise information and how to access it when you need it.

Write for Success
Practical tips on how to write in a way that’s easy for the examiner to read and understand.

Tips for Written Exams
The ’rules’ for written exams can be broken down into before, during and after the exam. Follow these insider tips from experienced examiners and you have a much better chance of succeeding.

Tips for Oral and Aural Exams
Handy tips and practical advice for preparing for and sitting your oral and aural exams.

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