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Last May, when Leaving Certificate classes were finished formal lessons, Room C16 in the new extension was set aside as a study room. It was also given over after school to a small group of students who wished to use the room to teach and support each other in preparing for the Higher Level English paper. These students really enjoyed the experience and felt it was very beneficial to help them prepare for the Leaving Cert exam. 

Following on from this Glanmire Community College is delighted to introduce a new pilot project in the school which aims to support Leaving Cert students who have expressed an interest in supporting each other with learning and preparing for Higher Level Maths. Students will be given a room, log-in details to a computer, whiteboard markers etc. so they can work together to supplement their classroom-based learning.  There will be no teacher-based input and the group will have responsibility for selecting the topics, questions/marking schemes etc that they feel they need to help them prepare for the Higher Level Maths papers.

For this pilot project the number of students is restricted to a manageable size and includes students who are motivated to succeed.  We will be asking students about the impact of this approach once they have become used to working and supporting each other. It will take time for the group dynamic and relationships to form, such is the nature of peer-assisted learning. Once this project has been implemented and reviewed we will provide you with an update.

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