The Student Council held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 03 December. Mr Pittam gave a brief overview of the work of the Green School’s Committee. Class captains were shown the correct ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that’s generated in school on a daily basis. As student leaders, Class Captains will address their respective class groups, during weekly tutorial, about the importance of our collective efforts and individual responsibility to ensure the correct use of the facilities put in place. Mr Pittam also gave a brief overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and identified areas where we can work and learn in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

In keeping with the theme of the meeting, Student Council member and TY student, Weronika Wierzbicka, gave an overview of her involvement in the Intergenerational Climate Justice Conference held in Cork City Hall and her ongoing activism in the youth Climate Action movement.

President Cian Pierce outlined some actions undertaken to address issues raised by students at the previous Student Council meeting. Most of the clocks have been replaced, issues with computers and data projectors that were identified have been addressed and blinds in classrooms repaired. Cian also praised the student body for their considerable efforts to improve the cleanliness of the social areas and toilet facilities. He also praised students for their involvement in the Wellbeing Project, in addition to thanking Mr Pittam and the Green Schools Committee for their efforts to ensure we continue to have a high quality learning environment.