Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming back all our students following the Summer recess, starting with our 1st Year & 6th Year students next Tuesday morning 31 August 2021. Please see below some important information regarding the protocols and procedures that will guide our safe return to learning.

COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools

Further to our update on Monday 16 August 2021 schools have now received the ‘COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools. Please click on the link below to view. Many of the protocols that were in place when school finished in May continue to be in operation at the beginning of the new school year. Once again this year we will take all reasonable and practical steps to minimise the risk of the introduction of the infection into our school. However, it is important to recognise that no interpersonal activity is without risk of transmission of infection at any time. One of our key challenges is to balance the need for a practical and sensible level of caution with the need to provide a supportive environment for teaching and learning. This was achieved last year with the support of staff, students and parents. It is also important to recognise that this is a living document and may be reviewed and amended to take into account new guidance or agreements with education partners as appropriate for post primary schools.

COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools

COVID-19 Policy Statement

Please click on the link below to view our COVID-19 Policy Statement for the 2021/2022 school year. This policy statement outlines the ongoing commitment of the school to implementing our COVID-19 Response Plan and help prevent the introduction and spread of the virus. The revised updated policy has been signed and dated by the chairperson of the Board of Management (BOM) Ms. Linda Skillington. This policy statement follows the template as proposed in the COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools (above). All our stakeholders will be consulted on an ongoing basis and feedback is encouraged on any concerns, issues or suggestions.

(Signed) COVID-19 Policy Statement August 2021

Student Development Fund

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the Student Development Fund which allows us to maintain many of the supports we currently provide to our students. These include our book loan scheme, student Insurance scheme (24 hour cover), payment for buses, pre- examination costs for third and sixth year students, photocopying, building repairs and upgrading of facilities.A reminder that in consultation with our Parents Council and Board of Management the student activity fee for all students is €250 per year.* Please note payments made to the school must be cashless and we encourage parents to use our online payment system ‘Way2Pay. We do appreciate that these fees can be a considerable burden on some families. If you have any difficulties in paying this money please contact the Principal, Mr McCarthy, in confidence, and a mutually suitable arrangement will be put in place.** It is important to note that the book loan scheme is only available to students who have paid the fees or who have made contact with the Principal regarding same.

*The student activity fee for incoming 1st Years (September 2021) has already been paid as part of the enrolment process.

**Please note that the school, in consultation with our Parents Council and Board of Management, has introduced an alleviation of school fees for families of one or more children in the school:
Child 1: €250 Child 2: €200 Child 3: €150 Child 4: €100 Child 5: €50

We are also including again for your convenience links to ‘Letter to parents June 2021’, the ‘GCC calendar 2021-2022’ as well as our ‘Stationery Requirements 21-22’. These have all been available on our website since June.

Letter to Parents June 21

GCC CALENDAR 2021-22 Final

Stationery Requirements 21-22

GCC Senior Management

Ronan McCarthy (Principal), Gertie Cahill (Deputy Principal), Seamus Kennefick (Deputy Principal), Sean McGrath (Deputy Principal)