Dear Parents,

This is our final Parents Update of the first term. This has been a most challenging term but thanks to the support of all in our school community we have managed to navigate it with a high degree of success. We would like to commend our students for their cooperation with our Covid protocols, in particular, the wearing of face masks which has been exemplary. Thank you to parents for your diligence in keeping students at home when they have been symptomatic, or waiting on the outcome of test results. Further challenging times lie ahead in the run up to Christmas but working together we will ensure continued positive and safe learning experiences in school for our students. A reminder that:

1st Year Enrolment September 2021
That the closing date for receipt of applications to 1st Year September 2021 is today Friday 23 October 2020.

Staggering of Breaks and School Finishing Times
As part of our Covid response plan the school arranged for the staggering of morning breaks. This will discontinue once this term is completed today and the return to normal break times will come into effect on our return to school following mid-term. The procedure, whereby finishing times for year groups are staggered, will continue when we return after mid-term. The current finishing times are:

Monday to Thursday
1st Year and 2nd Years will finish at 3.40pm
4th Year and 5th Year will finish at 3.45pm
3rd Year and 6th Year will finish at 3.50pm (normal finishing time)

1st Year and 2nd Years will finish at 12.50pm
4th Year and 5th Year will finish at 12.55pm
3rd Year and 6th Year will finish at 1.00pm (normal finishing time)

October Mid-term Break
A reminder to parents that the school will be closed for the October mid-term break from Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October inclusive. Parents are asked to note that the school office will be closed during this period

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a restful and safe mid-term break.

GCC Senior Management