Dear Parents & Students,

Following consultation with some of our 6th years and some 6th year teachers, Senior Management and the 6th Year Head met with our remaining 6th Year students this afternoon to inform them that formal classes will finish today, Wednesday 19 May 2021. Many students have expressed a desire to study at home for the remainder of the term to prepare for their Leaving Certificate and also feel that less social contact will ensure they remain fit and healthy as they prepare for the exams. 6th Year teachers will continue to be available until Friday 28 May 2021 to provide advice support for students as necessary. Students should communicate with their teachers through their relevant Google Classroom to make arrangements to attend school to complete any outstanding projects or coursework in school or to engage with their teacher online during their timetabled times.

We would like to thank students and parents for your cooperation with our Covid protocols since last September. The minor incidence of the disease, amongst a handful in a school of over 1200 people, is testament to the outstanding levels of compliance from our school community. As we approach the State Examinations it is important that we continue to uphold the public health advice and avoid any unnecessary risk. We urge students to remain safe during this final phase of preparation for the formal exams.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has recorded a video message for Leaving Certificate students to encourage them to stay safe and look out for each other in the run-up to the exams.

The Leaving Certificate will begin on Wednesday 9 June 2021. Details of arrangements for the Examinations, return of Text Books and also for our end of year Diograis Awards will be published through our website and also on the 6th Year Google Classroom over the next two weeks. Please check both regularly to ensure you remain fully informed of current developments and arrangements.

We would like to once again to acknowledge the application, dedication and resilience of our 6th Year students over the last 2 years, despite the considerable impact of Covid-19. We are exceptionally proud of this cohort, who have navigated the most challenging and unforeseen obstacles with great composure and determination. We wish you all every success in your Leaving Certificate and future endeavors.

GCC Senior Management