Hannah Gahans’ Art Work was originally created for the schools Díograis Awards 2019 backdrop. The theme of the night was Féiniúlchas which translates to ‘Celebrate your Uniqueness’.  The images and messages in the paintings portray how everyone has a unique journey, and how its important to acknowledge that everyone is different, with a different story. Management decided to be more ‘sustainable’ with the magnificent artwork that is created for school events such as backdrops for award ceremonies and musicals, where in the past art pieces were often created for single use only. This artwork was originally painted on heavy duty paper. Before the installation on the wall of the social area a lot of time was spent in preparation, as it was glued and wrapped onto sheets of plywood, then pasted over with a sealer to ensure long lasting artefacts. Students from rang Barra 5th year, Tommy Buckley, Mark Russell & Conor O Keefe carried out the glueing and sealing process while also helping with the cutting and preparation of the timber sheets. Josh O Neill in 2nd year also contributed greatly to this process.

The Art is vibrant contrasting with the green wall of the social area. It is eye-catching on approach to the schools new extension and promotes well being and individuality among students – displayed in a high traffic area.

The Art work installed on the wall of the C block social area

Mr. O Shea helping out with the installation