Dear Parents Guardians,

This week we were delighted to welcome our 5th Year students back on site. Combined with our 6th Years and ASD classes, school is slowly but surely getting back to normal. We want to thank parents once again for your continued cooperation in keeping students home when they are feeling unwell, symptomatic or waiting on Covid tests. We would also like to acknowledge all our students for their compliance with Covid protocols, particularly, in relation to wearing masks. Please see below a few brief updates:

Easter Assessments

School senior management met this week to discuss the practicalities of holding Easter Assessments, as we traditionally would at this time of year. In planning Easter Assessments there were a number of factors that had to be considered. These include the many demands that teachers and students are currently juggling:

  • Assessments for Accredited Grades at Senior Cycle
  • Our planned assessment schedule for 3rd Years.
  • 1st Year, 2nd Year and 4th Year students continue to be absent from school
  • Parents of 1st Year, 2nd Year and 4th Year students have only recently received progress updates through VSware as part of the additional reporting process.

In this context we have decided that assessments for 1st Year, 2nd Year and 4th Year students be deferred until the end of the school year and would be incorporated into our Summer Assessment schedule when that is finalised.

With regard to 5th Year students, given that students are in the school building and their additional reporting was back in November we are proposing that an assessment schedule would proceed as normal for them. This would entail a maximum 40 minute class assessment held during a standard timetabled class. We have asked teachers to be mindful of and to ensure that there is a fair distribution of assessments for students. VSware will be opened next Monday 22 March to allow teachers to enter results and comments.

Parents are asked to note that teachers who may have already planned assessments with groups other than 5th Year are able to proceed but feedback to students should be through the normal classroom mechanisms.

Junior Cycle Assessments

Our draft Assessment Plan for Junior Cycle is currently being considered by our teaching staff. Feedback closes at 1pm on Monday and we will have the finalised schedule to students and parents by Tuesday at the latest.

TY Fitness challenge

Well done to all who participated in the TY fitness Challenge last week with some great times and a fantastic effort from a number of students

The 5 winners who will receive vouchers for McCarthy Sports are:

  1. Samuel Curtis РRang Treasa   
  2. Rachel Moynihan – Rang Padraigh
  3. Alex Gielnowski – Rang Treasa
  4. Nessa O’ Callahan – Rang Padraig
  5. Jack Murphy – Rang Niamh

Thanks to Mr Fahy for organising this challenge.

School Office
With regard to Covid protocols parents are again asked to note that the school office is closed to the public. We are asking parents not to come to the school office without prior notice. Please ring the office with any queries and please continue to email and post documents to the school as a matter of course.

BOM Agreed Report

Please click on the link to view the Agreed Report from our Board of Management meeting last Monday 15 March 2021.

Agreed Report for the BOM Meeting Monday 15 March 2021

We hope you have a nice weekend.

GCC Senior Management