The GCC Vex Robotics team have just received great news from Cognex Ireland having approved our team a donation of €2500 for the GCC Robotics Program which supports their “[Category: Work Hard, Play Hard, Enhance Vision]” philosophy.

A Description of the Robotics program

Students aged 11 to 16 design, build, operate and code autonomous operations for task oriented robots. Robots are wirelessly operated (play-station type controllers) and have the facility for programmed autonomous operation through the use of a variety of environmental sensors. Students compete against teams from other schools locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in both live and remote events.

How these funds will be used

Funds are primarily needed for the purchase of equipment and parts from VEX Robotics international. Only authentic parts are permitted for competition robots, and the equipment is of high quality and therefore costly.

One subcommittee of the club manages PR with a focus on promoting much greater female participation, and require funding for promotional events to this end.


Our Robotics Team who reached the World finals last year


A huge thank you to Cognex for supporting and funding this great work to help our students develop very relevant and valuable experiences for their future.

Thank you to Mr. Steele for supporting this initiative.

GCC Vex Robotics Team