Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

GCC CAT4 Assessments for Transition Year Students

Our CAT 4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) Assessment for our Transition Year Students will take place during the 2 weeks Monday 6 to Friday 17 May 2024. Please click on the following link for further details including some background information on the purpose and use of the CAT 4 Assessment.

GCC TY CAT 4 Assessments – Letter to Parents

What does CAT4 do?

CAT 4 results provide a rounded profile of student ability so that we can target support, provide the right level of challenge, and make informed decisions about their progress. Reports indicate strengths and weaknesses across four domains:

  • Verbal Reasoning – the ability to express ideas and reason through words is essential to subjects with a high language content, and the most obvious skill picked up by traditional assessment.
  • Non-verbal Reasoning – problem-solving using pictures and diagrams; skills which are important in a wide range of school subjects, including maths and science-based subjects.
  • Spatial Reasoning – the capacity to think and draw conclusions in three dimensions, needed for many STEM subjects, but not easily measured by other datasets.
  • Quantitative Reasoning – the ability to use numerical skills to solve problems, applicable well beyond mathematics.

What can CAT4 tell us?

The CAT4 offers a comprehensive understanding of a student’s capabilities, pinpointing those with the potential for higher achievement and those in need of support in specific subjects. For instance, a low quantitative score may indicate challenges in mathematics, while a low verbal score may suggest difficulties accessing the curriculum. These valuable insights enable us to tailor learning programmes in school. CAT4 Assessments help us to gauge your child’s strengths and weaknesses. When combined with the primary school STen scores and their second-level assessment results, CAT4 profiles are used to monitor your child’s progress and ensure they are performing to their potential. For more details on CAT4 assessments, please refer to the video below. Additional information on the CAT4 and related Data Protection details can be found through the provided links.

For more information explaining CAT4 assessments please view the video below:

For further information on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) and related Data Protection information please click on the links below:

Information for parents – GL Assessment (

GCC Senior Management

Ronan McCarthy (Principal), Caroline Byrne (Deputy Principal), Seamus Kennefick (Deputy Principal), Sean McGrath (Deputy Principal)