Dear GCC Parents/Guardians & Students,

6th Year Pupil/Parent/Teacher (PPT) Meeting

Dear Parents,

Our 6th Year PPT meeting takes place on Wednesday 22 November from 4.15pm to 6.45pm. 6th years have been reminded about the PPT Meetings this week and details have been posted on Google Classroom.

Please click on the link below to view details of teacher locations and centres for registration. Please note that teachers are divided between 3 centres:

  • PE Hall
  • B Block Social Area
  • Multi-Purpose Room B26.

Parents are also reminded that classes for all students will finish on Tuesday at 3.35pm to facilitate the meeting.

PPT Meeting Year 6 Information for parents

Seating plan PPT Meeting Year 6

School Map

Parents are asked to note that following our 2023 Leaving Certificate results, we asked teachers to identify the characteristics of our most effective learners. We have collated this feedback for your information for you in a Word Cloud.
Please click on the link below to view:
Ronan McCarthy (Principal), Caroline Byrne (Deputy Principal), Seamus Kennefick (Deputy Principal), Sean McGrath (Deputy Principal)