The theme of this year’s online awards ceremony is Misneach, meaning courage, and we have to say, you have all demonstrated a lot of courage over the past year in navigating your way through this pandemic. You have shown great courage in staying safe and healthy and protecting your families, whilst also engaging in your online programmes of work with your teachers and SNAs.

The word Diograis means endeavour: This online awards ceremony acknowledges all of you in GCC who have shown effort, enthusiasm and diligence on a daily basis in all aspects of school life. You can all be proud of yourselves!

All of you who were nominated have excelled in your categories and contributed greatly to the school, and your teachers want to say “Congratulations to you all!”

We are pleased to announce that there are 25 Diograis Awards to be presented to both Junior Cycle and Senior cycle students.

We are delighted to announce the list of Finalists in each of the Diograis Awards.

(The winners will be announced on Friday, so watch this space!!)