Dear Students,

Hopefully you are all coping as best you can with the news of COVID19 pandemic. These are difficult times and even the oldest and wisest, do not know what the outcome will be.

But, as a member of the community you are asked to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Government and HSE. It is important to remember these guidelines are set out for our best interests and those around us. These include social distancing, coughing into your elbow and washing your hands. (See further info attached)

Thank you to all the students who are participating in social distancing as advised by HSE this will go a long way in protecting yourself and your loved ones in these difficult times.

We also advise students that are not taking social distancing seriously to please consider your loved ones and take appropriate action. We are experiencing history in the making. How will you feel when you look back this in years to come. Lives lost, people’s health compromised. How did you get involved to stop the spread? Although schools are out and extra-curricular activities cancelled, you still have a vital role to play in the battle against this virus.

We are asking you to be accountable for your actions at this time. Act responsibly, cautiously and with the utmost consideration for those around you, more importantly the vulnerable in our community.

The highest level of gratitude and respect should be displayed for those working on the front line. Our job compared to theirs is much easier, yet at that we are still struggling.

It is an uncertain time for everyone including students. Be sure to look after yourselves mentally and physically, and mind your health. It will stand to you more than you think.

Please familiarise yourself with the below links.

Attached are – Two short information leaflets:

  1. You, Your Community and COVID-19

Focusing on community support, vulnerable neighbours, and responses, with useful helplines and sources of information


  1. Advice on the Recruitment of Volunteers for Community and Voluntary Groups  

Focusing on recruitment of volunteers to respond to new community needs, priority Garda Vetting, and connecting with Cork Volunteer Centre


We Ask you to:

  1. Read the two leaflets
  2. Circulate to those in your networks, in soft copy.
  •  ·     Relevant contacts for further information on these leaflets:


These leaflets are published by the Dept of Rural and Community Development as part of the Irelands National Action Plan in Response to COVID-19,

For the full Action Plan see:


For health advice and the most reliable up-to-date information, see the HSE coronavirus page:


For general queries regarding the Cork City Community responses to the virus please use the following:



This is a valuable link to inform yourself on COVID19 and how best to approach the situation we are in.

Please stay safe and do your best for your community and loved ones.

Glanmire Area Community Association (GACA)