6th Year Retreat to Scala Blackrock

The annual 6th year retreat took place Wednesday 21st November. 18 6th years travelled to Scala in Blackrock accompanied by Ms. Coughlan and Ms. McInerney. The students thoroughly enjoyed their say and felt their ‘Batteries’ were re-charged after the day. Below are 2 of the students’ reflections on the day. 

Student 1- “I decided to come so I could get away from 6th year because its getting stressful as the Christmas tests are coming up. Both Michael and Megan are lovely people, teamwork is important so is individual work. I learned about what you need to survive but also yourself, money, education, equality are values that may be important to us but not to others we learned. Thank you for a relaxing day”

Student 2 – “When I was first asked about the retreat I put my name down straight away. When it came closer to the time I was more hesitant because I heard a lot of people weren’t going and some people thought it would be boring/waste of time and were going to study for the day, I was thinking of having a study day instead. Realistically I wouldn’t have studied. I went in the end (obviously) and don’t regret it. It helped me put things into perspective and not overthink/worry about small things that can seem more important than they actually are (not just school related). I had a great time”

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