Pupil/Parent/Teacher (PPT) MeetingsĀ 

As per our agreed calendar we have 2 planned PPT meetings this month. The first scheduled meeting is tomorrow Tuesday 10 November for 3rd Years and the second is for 6th Years on Wednesday 25 November.

We have been awaiting guidance from the DES regarding PPT meetings. Please click on the link below to view this advice which we received late last week.

Post-Primary Document Supporting collaboration with parents/guardians

The document provides 3 options for communicating with parents given current public health restrictions. These are:

  1. Additional reports
  2. Phone calls
  3. Video conferencing

Given that the time of feedback meetings should align with the normal time frames for PPT meetings (4pm to 6.45pm), we feel it is not practical in a school our size to consider conducting video link ins or phone calls on an individual student basis. We have also considered what is the most effective and efficient mechanism for teachers to provide additional reporting feedback to parents and students. The following is the planned proposal for 3rd Year:

We have set up a template on VSware where teachers can input their comments under 3 headings:

  1. Academic Comment
  2. Performance Comment
  3. Target.

Teachers are asked to provide a maximum of 3 bullet points under each heading. It is recommended that teachers use bullet points and avoid long progressive sentences. Parents will be able to access VSware from Wednesday to view teachers’ comments. We hope this is a satisfactory solution for all. We would welcome the feedback of 3rd Year Parents as part of our review process in advance of the 6th Year PPT meeting at the end of this month.

GCC Senior ManagementĀ