Twelve first year students from Rang Daithi  under the guidance of Ms Purdy, have begun an email exchange project with twelve Swiss students from Schule Erstfeld, a secondary school in Switzerland. The project involves each student being paired with a Swiss student and exchanging information via email. Students have a structured set of questions to ask their counterparts each week, including questions on themselves and their hobbies to questions covering local culture, traditions, local geography and history.  The exchange started November 4th and will end just before the Christmas tests. This will allow students enough time to get to know their corresponding partners, their country and their culture.

This project is of great value to our students as it will not only develop intercultural learning but also develop their English writing skills  and technologicial corresponding.  Similarly, our engagement will help our Swiss counterparts develop authentic language skills while developing their knowledge of student life in GCC, local culture, geography and history.

Rang Daithi receiving their emails

Some of participating students: Front row Arnold Middle Sam, Nathan, Jack, Sean, Peter, Back row Molly & Kayla

Schule Erstfeld, Switzerland